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Association Burkinabé de Fundraising

04 BP 8839 Ouagadougou 04
Quartier Gandin, Petit Paris

Abdoulaye Sawadogo

Tel:  +226 25 65 08 85

Association Burkinabé de Fundraising

Organization’s establishment

Association Burkinabé de Fundraising was established in December 2008 

Joining Charity Monitoring Worldwide

Association Burkinabé de Fundraising joined CMW in May 2022 in order to develop transparent fundraising in Burkina Faso. The knowledge and expertise of the CMW members is resulting a key element for the development of this organization. 


To accompany Civil Society Organisations in their activities for endogenous community development, especially in nobilísima support and resources, 


Association Burkinabé de Fundraising is still in the phase of developing the seal system in Burkina Faso.

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