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Charity Tuner
#15, Ryz’ka str.
04112 Kyiv, Ukraine

Kateryna Zhuk

Tel:  +380 504 42 27 40

Charity Tuner

Organization’s establishment

Charity Tuner was established in October 2015.

Many years ago, together with the Chairman of the Board of our organisation, Pavel Novikov, it launched the first fundraising platform in Ukraine. Charity Tuner studied various experiences, including how to answer the question “Who can I trust?”, but the most important was the experience and work of DZI. Since then it has been fighting fraudsters, working to change legislation and the sector, and setting up media companies to promote transparency and usefulness. 

Due to the war and the difficulties of operating in Ukraine Charity Turner opened a representative office in Poland (Warsaw) in September 2023.

Joining Charity Monitoring Worldwide

Charity Turner joined the network in May 2018, during the Annual General Assembly celebrated in Mexico. 


Development of civil society in Ukraine through the implementation of international standards of Transparency & Trust in the activities of non-profit organizations.


  • Development of international cooperation between non-profit organizations of Germany and Ukraine within the framework of the Eastern Partnership (with the support of the German Foreign Office): Good Governance für Gemeinschaftsmedien (Ukraine) / Organizational Support to Transparent Pluralistic Community Media in Ukraine and the first Ukrainian Community Media forum.


  • Pandemic Covid charity map to hospitals and government agencies, summer 2020. In partnership with the analytical platform YouControl, with financial support from the Soros Foundation in Ukraine (Renaissance Foundation). We have verified for 3 months a huge number of collections and transfers of aid across Ukraine.

    See the map here:

  • 390 benefactors (businesses and foundations) for the amount of 1.2 billion UAH (about 45 million Euro).

  • Live authors’ (Kateryna Zhuk) radio broadcasts with foundations, “Charity Narrative”

  • Memorandum (pre-pandemic) with the Department of Veterans Affairs to review funds receiving competitive government funding

  • Participation in working groups on changing the rules of public financing, Ministry of Social Policy

  • Public Council under the Ministry of Digitalization

  • Huge number of interviews and articles on the topic of combating fraud in the charity sector

  • Successful media campaign against fake charity fundraisers, 2015 “No report is a scam”. Eventually even the subway started asking announcers not to give money in boxes to unknown people 


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