CMW International Conference
CMW International Conference

Charity Monitoring Worldwide: a new chapter in promoting trust, transparency, and impact


With great enthusiasm, I am delighted to announce a transformative milestone in the evolution of our organization. After careful consideration and input from our dedicated members, the International Committee on Fundraising Organizations (ICFO) is undergoing a comprehensive transformation, including a change in our name, logo, corporate identity, and bylaws.

For over six decades, ICFO has been a pillar in promoting transparency and accountability within the charitable sector, achieving significant results under its banner. Our new identity, Charity Monitoring Worldwide (CMW), better reflects who we are, emphasizing our core focus on the evaluation and monitoring of charities. Complemented by a fresh logo and corporate identity, our updated bylaws align with our evolving goals, ensuring agility and responsiveness to future challenges.

CMW now represents an association of 20 organizations dedicated to monitoring charities across 20 countries worldwide, fostering transparency and accountability on a global scale. We are a network of trustraisers, collectively committed to enhancing trust within the charitable sector through meticulous evaluation and monitoring. Rooted in ethical practices, our dedication extends beyond borders, with each member organization contributing to a more transparent and accountable charitable sector.

Our commitment to setting ethical standards globally is reflected in our rigorous assessment of organizations, providing stakeholders with transparent and accessible results. We aim to foster informed giving, assisting donors in making more impactful contributions.

I invite you to explore our new website. Thank you for your unwavering support.

Together, as Charity Monitoring Worldwide, we look forward to creating a brighter and more compassionate future for all.


Ana Benavides
Charity Monitoring Worldwide President

Who We Are

Established in 1958, Charity Monitoring Worldwide is a global authority on charity accountability, devoted to fostering donor trust and upholding the ethical use of donations through rigorous standards and monitoring.

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