CMW International Conference
CMW International Conference

International ICFO corona report (May 2020)

Charity Monitoring Agencies mainly work from home, without major problems.

All countries of ICFO members have been affected by the Corona-Crisis. Governments haven taken lockdown lockdown measures to different degrees. In half of the countries leaving home was restricted and territories have been locked.

NGOs adapted to this situation by providing their services virtually, attending special needs due to the crisis and launching
fundraising and solidarity actions.

• In most countries NGOs are seen as important actor in this crisis, either as a sector or as individual organizations.
• NGOs see financials as their most immediate problem, even if or because some activities of NGOs are suspended. They need
information e.g. safety for employees and clients, legal or management advice. Some NGOs lack workforce, volunteers or digital
equipment due to the lockdown.
• NGOs dedicated to sports, culture and social services suffer most from the crisis and lockdown measures taken.
• One third of the governments did not take any measures to help NGOs, among them are countries which are highly affected by
the crisis such as Italy, Spain or Brazil.

Charity Monitoring Agencies mainly work from home, without major problems. In Taiwan and Sweden they still work from the
• As main challenges monitoring agencies see NPO having other priorities than monitoring. They fear that donation will decrease
and that some NGOs will not survive the crisis.
• Due to the crisis monitoring agencies have launched various initiatives in communication, many cooperate with partners, build
networks or platforms to support NGOs and some monitor the sector. By conducting surveys.
• Monitoring agencies support NGOs by giving visibility to initiatives from NGOs, enhance trust and call for solidarity. They adjust
the monitoring process for NGOs and share information and knowledge with them.

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