CMW International Conference
CMW International Conference

CMW principles for charity assessment 


CMW  Principles for Charity Assessment 

What are the CMW Principles about?
The principles are to help CMW members set standards, evaluate charities against those standards, and report the result to the public.

What is the goal?

The goal is that trustworthiness has been determined in a fair and credible manner.

What is covered by the ICFO Principles?

The shared principles address the following main topics:
1. How to set standards for trustworthy charities
2. How to assess charities if they are trustworthy
3. How to inform on the result of such assessment

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Who We Are

Established in 1958, Charity Monitoring Worldwide is a global authority on charity accountability, devoted to fostering donor trust and upholding the ethical use of donations through rigorous standards and monitoring.

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