CMW International Conference
CMW International Conference

CMW International Conference 2024 – Donor trust and participation (United States)

Donor Trust and Participation - Charity Monitoring Worldwide

BBB Wise Giving Alliance, the U.S. Standards-based charity evaluator, and Charity Monitoring Worldwide, an umbrella organization of charity monitors representing 20 countries from the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe, are happy to host an event on Donor Trust and Participation, to be held at the Ford Foundation in New York City on March 21st, 2024.

Over the past couple of decades, the portion of households contributing to charitable organizations in the United States and has been in decline. The spirit of generosity is not limited to financial and volunteer support directed toward formally established charitable organizations but, for the charitable sector, news about declining donor participation is concerning. As shown by BBB’s Donor Trust Report on Donor Participation (and covered by the Associated Press and others), people who stopped donating to charities say the wealthier should give instead. Other leading reasons given by people who stopped or decreased their contributions to charities include financial constraints, lack of trust in the soliciting charity, and preferring other ways of being generous. This problem is not unique to the United States and learning from Charity Monitoring Worldwide colleagues can help pinpoint solutions.

The objective of the March 21 Donor Trust and Participation event is for charities to gain insights into the roots of the generosity crisis and to leave with actionable advice on how to gain broad and pluralistic support and foster community around their cause.

We are proud to have a fantastic group of speakers, including Asha Curran (Chief Executive Officer of Giving Tuesday), Jane Wales (Co-Chair of the Generosity Commission), Sara Lomelin (Chief Executive Officer of Philanthropy Together), Nathan Senior VP, Donor Search AI, and BBB Accredited Charity leaders from Oxfam America, American Heart Association, and Charity:water. We share our full group of speakers and their bios here.


Art Taylor
President & CEO of BBB Wise Giving Alliance

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Established in 1958, Charity Monitoring Worldwide is a global authority on charity accountability, devoted to fostering donor trust and upholding the ethical use of donations through rigorous standards and monitoring.

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