CMW International Conference
CMW International Conference

Self-assessment of principles (2013)


In 2002 ICFO published a first comparative survey which has been developed by Ms Ingrid-Hélène Guet in the final phase of her studies at the ECSP (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce) in Paris and while she was working at Comité de la Charte, the French member of ICFO. This updated and widely extended version of the survey is published by ICFO in 2013 as a tool to support the informational exchange between members of ICFO and, to make their activities and methodologies more transparent to the public. In addition, the survey will probably be helpful to new initiatives that intend to establish new independent monitoring organizations, especially in countries where such bodies do not exist yet.

After a short presentation about ICFO’s history and mission, the numerous tables of this overview reflect the structures and working methods of ICFO member organizations and the most important determinants concerning the fundraising sectors in the respective countries. ICFO greatly appreciates the work of Mr Burkhard Wilke, director of DZI and former Secretary General of ICFO for his significant contribution to ICFO by coordinating and editing this overview. As an appendix, this booklet includes an introduction to the broader context of ICFO and its members’ activities written by Rollin van Broekhoven, President emeritus of ICFO. This background article provides insight and deeper understanding regarding the challenges of transparency and accountability.

This survey has been completed with conscientiousness and accuracy. But as time always moves on, updated information concerning new developments at the ICFO member organizations should, if necessary, be requested from those members directly or via the ICFO General Secretariat.

Amsterdam, October 2013
Adri Kemps
Secretary General ICFO

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